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"I love this program!  It allows me to communicate with defense attorneys and prosecutors with numbers and graphics in my hand!  This goes a long way toward getting plea agreements and cases settled without a trial" -- Debra S., Forensic Toxicologist, Texas, USA.

"BAC Tracker software has caused me to change the way in which I report alcohol use in medico-legal reports" -- Dr. Edward Ogden, Victoria, Australia.

"Expert witnesses involved in litigation arising from alcohol consumption will find BAC Tracker to be very useful" -- Michael D. Corbett, Ph.D, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

"In conjunction with our continuing research, BAC Tracker has provided additional corroboration of our internal methods in the assessment of DUI cases" -- Analytical Research Laboratories, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

"BAC Tracker allows me to evaluate potential new cases, better understand my client's case, prepare for trial and when possible, use in trial" -- Patrick Barone, Barone Defense Firm, Birmingham, Michigan, USA.

BAC Tracker - Uncertainty Management for Alcohol Extrapolation Cases: Widmark; Watson, et al.; Forrest; Seidl; Ulrich, et al.

BAC Tracker v4.1 Software

Tutorials & Demonstrations

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Section 1

Getting Started: Setting User Defaults


Section 2

How to Generate the

Anterograde Alcohol Extrapolation Report


Section 3

How to Generate the

Retrograde Alcohol Extrapolation Report


Section 4

How to Generate the

Alcohol Quantification Report


















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Disclaimer: BAC-Tracker software provides estimates for general information and illustrative purposes.  BAC-Tracker software should not be used as a substitute for scientific or medical expertise from a qualified professional.