Anyone can use BAC Tracker; however, it is most often used by forensic toxicologists and attorneys who are routinely involved with alcohol litigation and research. BAC Tracker software has been used by federal, state and local forensic science laboratories, private toxicologists and companies involved in alcohol litigation and research, and both criminal and civil litigators throughout the United States and internationally.
Alcohol extrapolation is a mathematical process, based on sound scientific principles, that is used routinely in pharmacology, toxicology, and clinical medicine. This process may be applied to situations involving ethyl alcohol consumption with reliability when reasonable assumptions are made concerning absorption rates, elimination rates, and patterns of alcohol consumption, including drinking duration and volume consumed. BAC Tracker software runs hundreds of complex calculations combining several published methods for calculating alcohol absorption, distribution, and elimination to provide an accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive BAC profile for any scenario. With its simple user interface, anyone can use BAC Tracker to perform hundreds of combinations of complex calculations in a matter of minutes to generate various reports estimating the plausible ranges of alcohol consumption and BAC results at any point in time for a given scenario.
Forensic science laboratories are often faced with DUID and DFSC cases involving alcohol. The key issue in several of these cases involve the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the individual at the time the incident occurred. Many experts attest to BAC extrapolations following manual calculations using the original Widmark factor (1932) for estimating volume distribution without consideration for successive improvements to the formulae by Watson (1981), Forrest (1986), Ulrich et al. (1987) and Seidl et al. (2000). This is likely due to perceptions of the complexity to employ the more complicated algorithms which account for gender, age, weight, height, water content, and body mass index (BMI) compared to a single coefficient by Widmark. The single point BAC result derived by limiting the calculation to a single method does not reflect the entire range of possible values at the time of the incident. By limiting the calculation to an average of the physiological ranges without consideration of a bounded interval of possible BAC values does not address individual differences and therefore could present incomplete and potentially misleading information to a fact-finder when evaluating whether an specific individual’s BAC was greater than a statutory level at a particular time prior to the direct measurements. BAC Tracker software provides a simple user interface that anyone can use and performs hundreds of complex calculations resulting in a complete and unbiased report of plausible ranges of alcohol consumption and BAC results at any point in time for a given scenario.
BAC Tracker is available on most internet based devices such as PCs, Mac’s, tablets and mobile devices. By logging onto www.bac-tracker.com to access the software, it can be used any time and in any location.
There are three different license subscription options. The monthly license is primarily used by individuals who do not work with BAC daily but need access to the calculations for a short length of time. The semi-annual and annual licenses are used by professionals who work more regularly with BAC extrapolations and are more cost efficient for this reason. All users are given full access to the software, reports, customer support and updates. You have the ability to cancel your automatic renewal or change your license type at any time in your account settings if your needs should change.
Many of our clients use BAC Tracker to support expert testimony or other litigation matters. The reports generated by BAC Tracker are customizable and easy to use in legal proceedings.
We offer a user manual and quick start guides that will familiarize users with inputting the data and give new users confidence in running the various types of alcohol extrapolation reports offered by BAC Tracker.
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